Affiliation Program

Why Promote GoSmart Digital Program?

We are one stop advertisement solution for Users and Business profile holders.

We offer high level of earning platform with Level bonus and profit sharing bonus.

With our Social Sharing affiliate program, you will definitely get highest conversion rates. So, Join our affiliate program. Proudly refer us and make money online.

Steps to Earn Money Online?

It's just a 3 step process
Step 1

Sign up in and Upgrade Your Profile

Step 2

Login to the portal and go to promotion board and select banner or affiliate link that suits your website/blog.

Step 3

Place the banners with affiliate link on your website/blog and start online earning.

Type of Bonus You can Earn With Go Smart Digital.

Refferal Bonus

Refer your friend with your Link to get this bonus.

Compensation Bonus

Get bonus by joining users in level wise

Profit Sharing Bonus

Company share his profits weekly / Bi Wekkly

Downline Business Bonus

Get Weekly bonus from earning of your downline

Refferal Bonus

Every User will be eligible to get Refferal Bonus of 5 to 10 INR if the reference user will account in system. You can invite a participant through a referral link. You will get the bonus from each referral by scratch the Bonus Card . You need to scratch the card to get refer bonus in wallet . You not required to upgraded account for getting this bonus.

Refferal Bonus For User : 5 to 10 INR

Level Compensation bonus

Level bonus is a "bonus” given to the GoSmartDigi Upgraded account holders in appreciation for the work with their participants. This includes the development of his/her structure, organization of conferences, travel expenses, advertising, communication, Internet etc.

Free Users are not eligible to get level bonus. You need to scratch the Level Card to get level bonus in wallet.

Profit Sharing Bonus

Profit Sharing is an arrangement between GoSmart User and Company in which the company shares part of its profits with the GoSmart Users. As company gets revenue from advertiser, company will share his profits to among users every month. This amount will varies every month depends on company revenue model.

Downline Business Bonus

Downline Business Bonus is the extra earning opportunity for every Upgraded user of GoSmartDigi. This Bonus is depends on earning of Downline users and it will be limited upto 5 Levels accordingly as shown beside

Daily Activity Bonus

This is Extra bonus offer to every upgraded users. User need to do Like, share, comment, post or any social activity in our platform to get 1 to 10 INR Daily.


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